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Eclipse 2.0 Flare - Limited OTB Open 2023

Eclipse 2.0 Flare - Limited OTB Open 2023

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9/4/0/3.5  *ALL are 175g.   *Beautiful exclusive Eclipse 2.0 Release for the OTB Open!    

The Flare is an overstable distance driver from Streamline and is designed for flights with a minimal turn, ending with a powerfully overstable finish, and a reserved glide to prevent going long on the approach. The Flare is in the 19mm Driver class and is the first Streamline Speed 9 disc. A truly versatile disc whether fans are looking for something that can handle even the highest power throws, fighting the strongest winds, or for a wide range of utility shots, the Flare can handle them all.

Eclipse 2.0 Plastic is noted for its ability to glow very brightly in the dark and how durable it is. This plastic from Axiom features the same colored rim you love. There are many colored rims for eclipse, but it's going to be that same glow look every time for the flight plate. It's got that extra weight in the outside rim plastic which gives discs extra stability, leading to a longer flight.

Eclipse 2.0 offers the same durable disc that other premium blends like Proton and Neutron offer. But it's a little softer so it's not as overstable as Proton plastic right out of the box.

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