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Echo S-Line DD3 - Rare Double Stamp CA to CO Stamp! - Innova Made X-Out

Echo S-Line DD3 - Rare Double Stamp CA to CO Stamp! - Innova Made X-Out

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12/5/-1/3  *175g  Swirly Blue / Black and Reflective Red Foil Double Stamp X-Out with the Discmania CA to CO Stamp!  Very few Echo DD3 Double Stamps out there!   Innova made and thought of as one of the best runs of DD3 - Customer and Staff Favorite!  This limited run in Echo Plastic is incredible!       

The Discmania Echo S-Line DD3 is a specialty run that we are excited to release. The reaction to the DD3 has been extremely positive and has become a go-to distance driver for disc golfers of all levels. In developing the Echo S-Line DD3 we were wanting to see how the Echo S-Line plastic performs in this long flying driver.

The Echo S-Line DD3 is the most understable, and longest flying, version of the DD3. The turn rating on these DD3s is closer to a -2 than -1. With the added turn, we’ve actually seen some incredible distance on the course. The glide is still there and the predictable fade still shows at the end. It’s that added turn that will stand out the most.

If you have thrown a DD3 in the past and found it to be a bit too stable, this is worth a second look in the Echo S-Line plastic. The slightly understable flight has really changed how you can think of the DD3.

The Echo S-Line plastic meets the same performance standards of our premium plastics, but is also more environmentally friendly. It is a high-tech blend of recycled plastic with a minimum of 50% pre-consumer waste plastic.

Even with those changes, you still get top level durability and grip. You can easily have confidence throwing this plastic.

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