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UV Blend Z Focus - Limited Ledgestone 2023

UV Blend Z Focus - Limited Ledgestone 2023

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2/2/-1/2  *ALL DISCS ARE 173-5g.  *In the sun this disc changes white to Lavender!!           

The Focus is a bullet-nosed brute fills a gap in Discraft's putter line up, being Discrafts only 0.5 stability rating putter. Focus will cut moderate winds on long approaches, and delivers pinpoint accuracy all the way to the chains.  Our big bead putter, the Focus is a deep putter with a large bead on the bottom which provides clean consistent releases for deadly accuracy on the greens. The Focus putter was the 2009 Ace Race disc.

UV Blend Z is an Ultra-Violet Edition of Discraft's Z Plastic. UV Blend Z changes color in the sun to a pink from an off-white color while still retaining its translucence and durability that Discraft Z plastic is known for.

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