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Bro-D Rubber Blend Roach - Brodie Smith Darkhorse Special Edition

Bro-D Rubber Blend Roach - Brodie Smith Darkhorse Special Edition

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2/4/0/1  *Great grip to these Brodie Roach Rubber Blends!   *ALL DISCS ARE 173-5g   

Bro-D Roach – Brodie Smith burst onto the disc golf scene after a successful Ultimate and YouTube career. Now a part of Team Discraft he has two new signature discs, after performing pretty well in his first few tournaments of his career.  This one being the Bro-D Roach. It is a special Rubber Blend version of Pro-D plastic, featuring the very clever Bro-D name. The Roach is a super straight flying putter that is perfect for all those shots on and around the green. It is great for tee shots as well, holding a super straight flight straight out of the box. The plastic feels great and has a ton of grip making it good for weather of all varieties. Grab a Bro-D Roach today if you are looking for a new grippy putter.

Discraft says this of the run: “Pro D line? Try Bro-D Line. These Bro-D Roaches from the original Brodie 3 pack are now a stock item. Made with are a special rubber blend an an updated stamp, you’ll be putting from straddle to scoober in no time. Please note that disc weights, colors, and foils will vary.”

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