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Big Z Scorch - 2022 Ledgestone Limited Edition

Big Z Scorch - 2022 Ledgestone Limited Edition

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The Scorch is Discraft's newest driver that offers insane glide. The Scorch is a mix between a Heat and an Avenger SS. The Scorch is an 11 speed, understable driver that provides a consistent flight and the ability for big throws. The Scorch is ideal for hyzer flip shots in the woods or tailwind drives. These CryZtal Scorches have the Uli shield logo Limited Edition stamp and this was part of a run of only 1000 to help support Uli on the road in 2022. Blaze past the competition with the Scorch!

The Scorch is an understable distance driver. This is like a longer Avenger SS. Making it a great distance driver that will have some turn and a decent amount of fade providing a consistent "S" curve flight path.

Big Z plastic has all the durability of Z line plastic with a bit of a pearl-like quality added and topped off with a Big Stamp!

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