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Alpaca N-Blend - Maria Olivia Signature Series

Alpaca N-Blend - Maria Olivia Signature Series

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3/3/01  *These are Innova Made and feel amazing!  . Regular storage wear possible for plastic type.    

The first ever release on Infinite Discs in N-Blend plastic (like Innova Nexus) is the Maria Oliva Signature Alpaca! We're very excited to have Maria on Team Infinite this year and she's super excited to putt with this special edition of the Alpaca in grippy-yet-firm N-Blend plastic.

The Alpaca is the quintessential beadless putter. While the Infinite Discs Cohort has a somewhat low profile rim, the Alpaca presents a deeper rim for more of a traditional putter feel. Whether thrown at the basket or lofted high for approaches and drives, the Alpaca will carry your workload with ease.

This is the same mold as the old Innova made Discmania P2 

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