Field Testing! Discmania Swirly PD vs C-Line PD vs Glow PD (Dark Maul)

Field Testing! Discmania Swirly PD vs C-Line PD vs Glow PD (Dark Maul)

Discmania made a small run of special blend Swirly PD's in a very limited run and we wanted to give you the low down on these bad boys.  (live now HERE)  

Mold Review:  First off, we are so freaking stoked to see Discmania pull off these swirls recently.  This PD looks and feels incredible.  Really nice swirls and I'd say some even fall in the NASTY category.  Grip is similar to the new run of cloud breakers tacky enough to grip it well even with moisture. Mold is basically an exact replica of the dark maul 2, and maybe even a little flatter.  The s-line plastic seems to settle differently based on the plastic color but this time we couldn't see a difference.  Flat for a PD, amazing grippy plastic, and phenomenal swirls - this disc has it all. 

Score = A+

Swirly PD on the left - C-line PD on the right.  Notice: Swirly PD is flat (for a pd)   

Flight Review:  During testing we took these 3 discs and tested RHBH (Right Hand Backhand) and RHFH (pictured).  (We have a lefty on the team so will be getting more reviews of those "left handed discs" lol).  4 rounds of this and each time the same outcome -  Swirly PD flew 20-30 ft farther but still had a nice fade at the end. Very nice glide and can form a nice S curve easily. 

Score - A


As you can see with a RHFH shot - the swirly PD faded as much as the C-line PD (which is insanely overstable) but glided an extra 20-30ft. 

Where this fits in the bag - Normally when you reach for an overstable disc you are trying to slice through wind, get around a corner, or approach and have the disc nose dive into the ground.  This fits in the bag for the times when you want a little more distance / glide when compared to a firebird but you also want to slice through some wind, get around that corner or just, in general, get more distance.


Follow @rareairdiscs on facebook/instagram for more details and try out the swirly pd for yourself!  Stay tuned for more field testing reviews and videos (with drone footage!). 



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