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P-Line MD4 - Liber-Tee Limited Stamp - Innova Made

P-Line MD4 - Liber-Tee Limited Stamp - Innova Made

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5/4/0/3  *All 180g - Great grip on these similar to D-Line but slightly more flexible.  The MD4 is a Staff Favorite!  Minor storage wear possible for this plastic type.       

 Looking for more predictability for your midrange shots? The MD4 does not fool around. It has a lot in common with the highly versatile MD3, but the blunt nose gives it a shot of overstability. It is still quite fast with some glide, so it is not a one trick pony that crashes into the ground as soon as the fade starts.

Great overstable midrange mold, new to Discmania’s lineup in 2018. These MD4s have a similar feel to the MD3, but with a more squared off outer rim, for a more overstable flight. The MD4 is a very reliable thrower. It isn’t quite Justice/Deflector/Quake Overstable, as it has more glide and push forward before it gets the expected late fade. The Metal Flake MD4 is a touch more overstable than the stock run of the MD4 and will beat in a little more slow than the stock plastic. 

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