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Latitude 64

Opto-X Chameleon Flow - Clint Calvin Team Series

Opto-X Chameleon Flow - Clint Calvin Team Series

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11/6/-0.5/2 *All 173-5g - multiple available, minor swirl differences possible.  Beautiful shimmer to this chameleon plastic!      

Go with the Flow. The Latitude 64 Flow has been put to the test and the results show that this is one of the BEST discs for forehand drives for intermediate players. This disc has the right sized rim (2.2cm) and the right amount of speed, glide, turn, and fade to provide a consistent release and maximum distance. The Flow glides farther than almost any other disc on the market. This relatively stable distance driver is also excellent for backhand throws.

Opto-X Chameleon is a very unique and rare plastic type. It's a stiff, Opto-X plastic with Chameleon affects built into the plastic. The colors will shimmer and change as you look at the plastic from different angles. So far this plastic has only been released in very limited, special runs.

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