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OG Glow C-Line PD - Penned - European Open 2013 Rare!

OG Glow C-Line PD - Penned - European Open 2013 Rare!

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10/4/0/3  *175g Penned OG Glow PD / Red Glitter Holo 2013 European Open Bear Stamp!  Domey First Run of Glow PD's - Innova Made!  Staff and Customer Favorite!        

Being our most popular mold, the PD is familiar to many of our readers. One of the best features of the PD is it's versatility. We know a whole bunch of people who cover all of their driver needs with a selection of PD's in different plastics and stages of wear. What the Glow C-line PD will bring to the table is extreme durability accompanied with very dependable flight path in just about all conditions. This disc features great torque resistance and extremely reliable fade at the end of its flight. Unlike any of our previous releases, the Glow C-line PD glows in the dark.

For a creature this majestic, the Glow C-line PD was an obvious choice to be paired up with the Bear stamp, designed by Disc Golf artist Skeet Scienski. This is the first run made of the PD mold in Glow C-line material and it will be highly collectable.

 The bear is the greatest and most powerful animal in Finnish nature. Thus it is entitled to its status as the dreaded and respected ruler of the Finnish wilderness. To ancient Finns the bear was a holy creature and a subject of worship. They dared not to speak its name out of fear of summoning it, which is why there are over 200 names for a bear in the Finnish language. Now we don't think choosing the PD to reflect a creature this magnificent was not a bad choice at all, how about you?

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