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Lux Vapor Mutant - Limited Gnawzall Stamp

Lux Vapor Mutant - Limited Gnawzall Stamp

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5/3/0/4  *Great feel to these beefy, wind destroying Mutants! Slight swirl variation possible, multiple available.         

The Mutant is a truly unique midrange. It's been coined the "cybertruck" of midranges. The design principle for this mold was to create a disc with no round surfaces. It is an extremely overstable midrange with low glide that can handle even the toughest of headwinds. Great for both backhand & sidearm shots and situations where you need extreme dependability.

Affectionately named Gnawzall by Discmaniacs - this Mutant may look cute, but beware the bite! Beautiful Vapor plastic colors compliment the Mutant’s consistent beefy overstable flight in any condition

About the plastic: This disc comes in beautiful, bursty Vapor plastic that feels great in the hand. The Vapor Lux plastic is also extremely durable and will last long in your bag.

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