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Kasta Set - 3 Disc Starter Set

Kasta Set - 3 Disc Starter Set

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*Colors and Weights are Random but as of 12/23 these are baby blue reko, white svea and orange falk !   

Each set includes one of each of the following:
-K3 Reko (3/3/0/1)- the staple circle putter that is straight and true, saving your scores on the green. Featured in K3 plastic, which is a top notch baseline plastic that loves chains!
-K1 Svea (5/6/-1/0)- the newest addition to the Kastaplast lineup, this midrange is great for all skill levels. Newer players will enjoy a straight flight with ease of distance from the tremendous glide. Advanced players will get an easy turnover or hyzer flip to flat flight. Featured in the durable and grippy K1 premium plastic.
-K1 Falk (9/6/-2/1)- if easy distance is what you’re looking for, you’ve found it with the Falk! With a neutral to understable flight depending on your arm speed, this disc will fly for days with it’s abundant glide. Featured in the durable and grippy K1 premium plastic.

Please note that the colors and weights are unknown/random within each starter set. All discs are unthrown, but may have signs of storage wear from shipping.

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