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K1 Glow Reko 2023 (Full Glow)

K1 Glow Reko 2023 (Full Glow)

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3/3/0/1  *Solid glow on these new runs of Glow Reko's!

Get your Reko for those straight putts and approaches, or give it a little hyzer on drives and watch it turn over gently. A true go-to putter and a staple in many players' bags. Reko has a comfortable rounded profile and a smooth bead, which fits most players’ hands. Easy to grip and easy to throw. It features a strengthened shoulder which adds a little extra durability compared to the average putter. Reko is Swedish for good, reliable or decent. The world needs more Reko. Suitable for: Putts, approaches and hyzer-flip drives.

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