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K1 Glow Guld - First Run - Limited Moomin Art

K1 Glow Guld - First Run - Limited Moomin Art

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13/5/-0.5/3  *Great grip and feel to these! Kastaplast states these have less glow than normal, however in our 15 sec test they scored 9/10. Minor white swirl differences possible.     

The Kastaplast Guld (new disc for 2022) is an overstable distance driver. With just a hint of turn and a whole lot of speed, this is a get there and dump disc. Stronger arms will be able to get a little flip out of this one, prolonging the flight before finishing with reliable fade. Medium throwers will get that reliable fade early while still taking advantage of the speed and distance. For beginners and less strong throwers will have a nice meathook for reliable fades.

Katapalst K1 is a unique plastic blend manufactured in Sweden. This disc plastic has an excellent feel. It is moderately grippy, but not sticky and is extremely durable. K1 plastic has a similar feel to Prodigy 400G or Prodiscus. K1 is a stiffer blend than Kastaplasts K2 plastic.

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