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Halo Star Tern - 2023 Juliana Korver Tour Series

Halo Star Tern - 2023 Juliana Korver Tour Series

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12/6/-3/2 - *Beautiful grippy run of halo terns!  Staff Favorite! Very minor swirl differences possible, multiple available.    

The Tern is a fast, slightly understable disc that is designed for long shot shaping throws with a flight path that maximizes glide.

Is it the archer or the arrow? Well, it definitely helps to have arrows that fly far and straight, and the Halo Star Tern is made to do just that. But you want to throw even farther you say? Well, the Halo Star Tern brings max distance for the masses! Crush distance shots and keep control, the perfect balance for lowering your scores. These are slightly more stable and have significant glide making them perfect for massive distance. 

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