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Halo Star Shryke

Halo Star Shryke

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13/6/-2/2  *Staff Favorite!  Nasty swirls on these 2024 run Halo Shyrke's!       

The Shryke is an easy-to-throw, distance driver that works wonderfully for a wide variety of players. A mild high-speed turn will put the Shryke in glide mode, which along with its high, aerodynamic speed, will give it incredible distance. The low-speed fade is mild and manageable, which makes it easy to keep on the fairway. The Shryke is similar to the popular Tern, but faster and more stable for higher speeds.


With a circular burst of color, the Halo Shryke is a sight to behold. Halo discs feature a vibrant, pearly colored edge that blends into a brighter center and are molded in Innova’s premium Star plastic.

  • Slightly firmer feel than stock Star Shryke.
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