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Halo Star Scorpion - Japan Open Limited - F2

Halo Star Scorpion - Japan Open Limited - F2

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5/5/-1/2   *Very limited run of F2 Halo Scorpions from the Japan Open Fundraiser - First time this disc has been brought back in decades... and in Halo Star Plastic!  Staff Favorite!  Normal F2 X-out features possible.     

“I wanted to make a larger, more stable Stingray and that's how the Scorpion came about.” – Dave Dunipace

These larger diameter discs (22.5cm) were popular then. Over time, players gravitated to the now standard 21.7cm maximum diameter—like the venerable Roc—and the Scorpion receded underground.  

That was over 30 years ago. 

To celebrate the return of the Japan Open, Dave cracked open the vault and resurrected the Scorpion—this time in Halo Star! That's right, for the first time ever, a limited run of Halo Star Scorpions was molded specially for the 2023 Japan Open in Sakai City, Japan.

The Scorpion is a Large Diameter Mid Range Control Driver. It glides long for exceptional shot making throws.

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