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Halo Star Savant - Limited Shapeshifter XXL 3-Foil

Halo Star Savant - Limited Shapeshifter XXL 3-Foil

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9/5/-1/2  *All 173-5g unless noted - Minor swirl variations possible, multiple available.  This disc is a real head-turner. Literally. If you turn the Halo Savant disc with Shapeshifter design, you see a different creature’s head. It’s practically a two for one stamp deal!   Micah Malone 3-Color Design 

How this batch of Halo Savant feels: Noticeable dome typical of the Savant mold. Can’t go wrong with this Halo Star grip.

More about the stamp: Cool and collected. Or aggressively unhinged? Artist Micah Malone gives us a creative look at how both those states of mind can inhabit one disc design. Look at this Halo Savant one way and you see a mild-mannered figure. Then, turn the disc 180 degrees and a wild-eyed creature is revealed. It’s a complex design that really makes you study it for a spell. And if you wanna look deeper into it, the design is a nice metaphor for finding a balance between the conservative and aggressive styles of your disc golf game.

More about the Halo Savant:  An excellent stable to slightly overstable fairway driver, the Savant provides an option similar to the Thunderbird with extra glide and less fade. Also great for players looking for a longer Eagle. *Halo discs typically have slightly more stability and glide than their Star disc counterparts.

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