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Halo Sidewinder - Tribal Mask

Halo Sidewinder - Tribal Mask

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9/5/-3/1  *All 173-5g - Beautiful run of halo star Sidewinders.      

For thousands of years, the ceremonial mask has played an important role in Africa. Eye catching and eliciting emotion, these masks are utilized for rituals, festivals, and other important community gatherings. Drawing from traditional African mask motifs, the Disc Golf Africa design is an excellent example of the extraordinary detail that goes into these works of art.

If an Eagle or TeeBird has too much bite for you, then step on up to the Sidewinder. Its understable flight makes straight shots that stick in the fairway possible for anyone. Those with less power will love it, especially for backhand. Those with more power will be able to craft long turnover shots and rollers. *Halo discs typically have slightly more stability and glide.

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