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Atomic Glow Kotare - Eric Oakley Signature Series

Atomic Glow Kotare - Eric Oakley Signature Series

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12/5/0/3  *Beautiful triple foil design for Eric Oakley's signature Kotare!  Amazing glow, some of the best on the market.  Great overstable driver - makes for a great tomahawk disc!     

The Kotare is a an overstable, high speed distance driver by RPM. For stronger arms, this disc will have a long flight with a slight turnover, followed by a reliable fade. For slower arms, the Kotare will be the perfect hyzer disc, turning out of the hand to get around sharp corners and obstacles. 

The ‘Kotare’ {Ko-tar-ray} will provide you with a predictable flight no matter what the conditions. High power drives will glide but not turn and have a long slow Fade, Anhysers will give a nice full flight S curve. The Kotare makes an excellent Flick disc with a slightly deeper rim than the Kahu and is PDGA credited to 176g making it a great choice for head wind drives.

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