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Eternal Alpha - Limited Spin-O-Saurus Stamp

Eternal Alpha - Limited Spin-O-Saurus Stamp

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8/4/0/2  *First time in 5 YEARS that the Alpha is Back and with the super rare Spin-O-Saurus stamp!      

The Alpha is the first disc released by Mint Discs. It is a versatile fairway driver that works for a variety of different situations. This is a true power fairway driver designed to go straight without turning over and then finishing with a reliable fade. This disc is stable enough that it can fight headwinds, but not so overstable that it can't be thrown by newer disc golfers. 

Eternal plastic is a durable translucent blend with an attractive candy look. This plastic blend will wear slowly and maintain the discs flight path for a long time. Mint Eternal plastic is comparable with Streamline Proton, Innova Champion, and Latitute 64 Opto plastic.
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