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Aura Pathfinder - "Bee Positive" Stamp

Aura Pathfinder - "Bee Positive" Stamp

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The Pathfinder is the first midrange release from Thought Space Athletics. It was designed to dependable for a consistent, straight flight down the fairway with only minimal end fade. Let the Pathfinder find its way into your bag as it guides you to lower scores.

When naming the Pathfinder TSA wanted a name that represented the true flight of their flagship midrange. On the Aura plastic, TSA has the master of the night, the owl. This predator descends on its prey as it flies through forests silently.

Behind the "Bee Positive" design

A bee's duty is often overlooked,  diligently working, cross-pollinating, and securing the longevity of a greater populace by unifying and creating anew. Like the Bee, we must nurture others' growth and develop positive mindsets. We are all pollinators of ideas and emotion.

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