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Z Swirl Metallic Buzzz - Team Ledgestone Fortnite 2023

Z Swirl Metallic Buzzz - Team Ledgestone Fortnite 2023

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5/4/-1/1   *Limited run of Z Swirl Metallic Buzzz with the Team Ledgestone Fortnite Artwork!    

Are you ready to play? These Fortnite themed Ledgestone Buzzzes include every member of Team Ledgestone preparing to get in the game! The Buzzz remains the most popular Discraft disc on the market. A dependable, straight-flying midrange with a consistent fade that holds any line you put it on, the Buzzz is a go-to for all levels of players. This run combines beauty with the standard Z plastic feel and added sparkle. The swirls and inner shine make these Buzzzes pop. This was part of a run of 1000 discs.

The Discraft Buzzz is the most popular disc in the game. It’s a super straight midrange and is the preferred midrange of many top pros including Chris Dickerson and Paige Pierce. Discraft ran this special blend Buzzz to commemorate Chris and Paige's titles at the inaugural PDGA Champions Cup. The blend for this release was a special blend Z Metallic Swirl plastic.

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