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Ultra Lightweight F7 (300) - Soarivora Stamp

Ultra Lightweight F7 (300) - Soarivora Stamp

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The Prodigy F7 is a very understable fairway driver that is great for beginners.

For Prodigy Day, we are dropping the third stamp in our dinosaur series. The Soarivora joins the Carnivora and Omnivora and debuts on an Ultra-Lightweight F7. Eat up the open air with this understable fairway driver that has reached cult status thanks to Alden Harris, Ezra Robinson, Isaac Robinson, and Gannon Buhr.

The Prodigy Disc F7 is a medium speed, understable fairway driver with substantial glide. It is a great choice for recreational and beginner players. It is also excellent for turn-over shots and rollers.

A lightweight disc golf disc is engineered for the same shot performance as their heavier counterparts, with added glide for effortless and easy distance. 

We've made our versatile F7 Fairway Driver available in ultra-lightweight 300 plastic in the 120-159 gram range with our Soarivora Stamp.

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