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Sublime Swirl Mustang - Custom "RAD Shredder" Triple Foil

Sublime Swirl Mustang - Custom "RAD Shredder" Triple Foil

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5/5/0/2  *Only 16 Stamped! The newest character to the RAD Novel - the "RAD Shredder" on 2nd Run Sublime Mustang!  Check "RAD Stamped" Menu for more      

The Mustang is a beadless midrange, boasting a straight to stable flight. It's the perfect midrange to hold any line you put it on. The Mustang is the perfect straighter flying compliment to the Bobcat. 

Sublime plastic combines the optimal mix of grip and durability with a brilliant sparkly metallic look. This plastic not only looks great, but it flies great too. This plastic has a look similar to MVP plasma plastic.

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