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Sunny Popcorn - Heidi Laine Tour Series

Sunny Popcorn - Heidi Laine Tour Series

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The Clash Discs Popcorn is a straight flying putter. This salty straight putter provides a controllable approach disc that can hold a large variety of lines. This putter can find a spot in your bag as a workhorse of a throwing putter and even a putting putter. 

With a well-rounded rim and shoulder, the Popcorn offers a comfortable grip whether in a power grip, fan grip, or a forehand grip. This comfort with your grip offers you good control over the disc.

Introducing SUNNY plastic by Clash Discs, the pinnacle of premium blends tailored to meet the discerning needs of avid disc golfers. With a superior level of stiffness, SUNNY plastic offers enhanced torque resistance and unrivaled flight consistency. Crafted in a clear and pristine plastic blend, SUNNY plastic exudes excellence and guarantees optimal performance on every throw.

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