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Opto Musket - Huk Lab Dyed - TriFly DyeMax

Opto Musket - Huk Lab Dyed - TriFly DyeMax

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10/5/-0.5/2  Minor swirl or color differences possible, multiple available    

The Musket is a stable distance driver that was released for the 2018 Trilogy Challenge. 

The Musket is a straight-flying distance driver. Golfers say that this mold is both accurate and a bomber, giving you the ability to make more birdies by landing close to the basket from off the tee.

Opto is made out of some of the world’s most durable plastics. It comes in a variety of beautiful transluscent colors. The Opto Line plastic has been developed to withstand severe punishment and extreme conditions better than other plastics.

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