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Neo Mutant - Official Huk and THC Dyed

Neo Mutant - Official Huk and THC Dyed

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5/3/0/4  *Huk Dyed Beef! Rare The Homies Creation Dyed as well as Official Huk Dyed!  Normal dye handling wear possible, none noted - new, never thrown.   

The "Cybertruck" of mid-ranges, The Mutant is a truly unique midrange. The design principle for this mold was to create a disc with no rounded surfaces. It is an extremely overstable midrange with low glide that can handle even the toughest of headwinds. Great for both backhand & sidearm shots and situations where you need extreme dependability

As the game evolves, so do the tools we use to hone our craft. The Mutant is a product of our passion to keep reinventing the game.

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