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Metal Flake Color Glow Inca - 2023 Run

Metal Flake Color Glow Inca - 2023 Run

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5/5/0/3  *Very limited run of MF Glow C-Blend Inca's!  Thought to have been discontinued but brought back for one or two runs!            

The Inca is the quintessential midrange with a beaded rim and a dependable fade at the end of flight. It is designed to handle power, so you can give it some heat off the tee or across the fairway.

This is a Metal Flake glow-in-the-dark version of C-Blend plastic, which is the equivalent of Innova's Champion plastic. It is a semi-transparent, durable plastic that provides outstanding performance and long life. The Glow C-Blend can be either colored or traditional white glow and often feels slightly more gummy than typical C-Blend plastic.

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