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Metal Flake Champion Katana

Metal Flake Champion Katana

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13/5/-2/3  *Beautiful run of MF Katana's!  

The Katana is built with the finesse thrower in mind. Recommended downwind driver.

The Katana is an amazing high-speed distance driver with major turn and fade. The Katana will move through the air like no other disc. This speed-13 driver has an incredible degree of high-speed turn (3) followed by major low-speed fade (3). Innova says this disc has “flight characteristics of the Sidewinder on steroids.” The Katana is capable of making huge turnover throws, and sailing for maximum distance.

Metal Flake Champion is the same durability and make up as Innova Champion Plastic, but Metal Flake has sparkle flakes inside the plastic. This plastic was previously only available through Innova's customs department. Now Innova has released a limited number of limited molds to be available or a limited time.

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