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Jawbreaker Z Fierce - Ledgestone 2023 Edition

Jawbreaker Z Fierce - Ledgestone 2023 Edition

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3/4/-2/0   *Beautiful Jawbreaker Z plastic!    

The Fierce is an understable putter with a beadless rim and strong glide. It is a popular choice for a variety of shots including long putter throws, short approaches, and putting. This putter was designed specifically for Paige Pierce upon her return to Discraft at the end of 2019. These Fierces are stiff in the hand, durable, and true to their intended flight path with a touch of added overstability. A minimalistic stamp allows the plastic to do the talking. The vibrant and colorful Z plastic has been infused with flecks of Jawbreaker for the first time in a run of Fierces to create a visually stunning product. This was part of a run of 1000 discs.

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