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Halo S-Blend Aztec - First Run

Halo S-Blend Aztec - First Run

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10/5/-1/2  *Innova made Halo Aztec - Customer Favorite!  *Infinite's 10th run of the Aztec, and First Run for Halo S-Blend plastic!      

The Aztec is a speed 10 driver, flying straight with a little bit of fade at the end. Don't let the speed 10 fool you, the Aztec will bring unexpected distance and accuracy to your game. This disc has a skinnier rim than the big distance drivers, making it more comfortable for most disc golfers. The Aztec is said to be a longer Exodus or Sphinx. 

Halo S-Blend is a collectible, decorative version of S-Blend where there is a different color in the rim than in the flight plate. It is a durable, high-quality plastic preferred by professional players and collectors alike. 


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