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Gamma Hydrogen - The Homies Creations Dyed

Gamma Hydrogen - The Homies Creations Dyed

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1/2/0/0  *THC Dyed Glow Hydrogen!  Staff Favorite!  These look and feel great!  Super glidey and straight thrower.     

The Hydrogen is a straight flying putter. Because of the straight flight path, this is a very versatile putt & approach disc. As it can go straight, it can hold many hyzer lines, and can hold many anhyzer lines. Making this a great approach disc or a great putter.

Gamma-Solid is Loft Discs' glow-in-the-dark plastic. Loft uses a high lumen, military-grade masterbatch to ensure top-tier glow. Not only does this plastic Glow well, it feels excellent in the hand and has the durability to last.

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