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Big Z Mantis - Limited 2 Foil Ledgestone 2023

Big Z Mantis - Limited 2 Foil Ledgestone 2023

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8/4/-2/2  *Limited drop of 1500 2 Foil Big Z Mantis for Ledgestone 2023.      

The Mantis stormed onto the scene in 2013 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype disc. It quickly became a niche favorite for its controllable, understable flight. This fairway driver can be maneuvered through the woods on several different angles. In addition, its domey flight plate gives extended glide and is famous for adding extra distance with minimal effort. This run lacks nothing in glide and has a touch more high-speed turn in the Big Z plastic than standard Z plastic runs. The 2-color stamp makes the artwork pop as a large-scale Mantis towers over the city below. This was part of a run of 1500 discs

The Mantis is a utility driver for experienced players, and a distance driver for newer players. A touch of overstability enables control at slow or high speeds. Rip it hard for a hyzer flip or "S" distance shot, or hold a straight line at slower speeds. Try Mantis for straight thumber shots too!

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