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Famine - Prototype Alpha in Meltdown Plastic

Famine - Prototype Alpha in Meltdown Plastic

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12/5/-3/1  *Great feel to these! The Famine prototype from Doomsday Discs is now PDGA Approved!!          

This is the first prototype run of the Famine distance driver which was made in a silver, premium plastic that is very gummy and flexible with great grip. We took suggestions from Team Doomsday members for plastic names and favored the choice to call this particular plastic blend “Meltdown.” Since this was the first large prototype run, we stamped it as “Prototype Alpha” to commemorate the first large prototype run for the Doomsday Discs brand.

The Famine in Meltdown plastic is generally agreed to be more understable than in other, stiffer plastic blends.

The Famine is coming, and only the prepared who have stored up a healthy supply of quality discs will weather the hard times. You can’t control the Famine, you can only roll with it.

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