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Z Swirl Nebula - 2023 Ledgestone Limited Edition

Z Swirl Nebula - 2023 Ledgestone Limited Edition

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5/4/-0.5/2  *Best run of Nebula's - these Z Swirls are nasty and the feel is great!        

Z Swirl Nebula - The Nebula was released in 2008 as Discraft’s Ace Race prototype and eventually became the predecessor to the Buzzz OS. Since then, the Nebula’s production has been discontinued at Discraft. That held true until the Ledgestone Edition Z Swirl Nebula was released as a limited run in 2021. 

Now a second limited run of these Nebulas are here with a brand new Ledgestone stamp. The Z Swirl plastic adds a bit of tackiness to the slick feel of standard Z plastic while still providing the same consistent overstability that has made the Nebula a niche favorite. The translucent, colorful Z plastic, combined with Discraft’s swirls, make these the most beautiful Nebulas ever run.

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