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Z Sol - First Run - Blurple with Beach Towel Foil!

Z Sol - First Run - Blurple with Beach Towel Foil!

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4/5/-3/0  *Z Sol - First Run - Blurple / Yellow Green Blue Foil! - 170-172g  - minor storage wear, new    

The popular 2018 Ace Race disc - Sol - is here! Available in our iconic Z plastic, this is a great mid range for beginner to advanced players, allowing them to shape approach shots with ease and comfort and enjoy the fun of disc golf, right from the start. Slightly understable, throw the Sol with speed and watch it float out gently to the right. The perfect disc for anhyzer approaches.

One of the most popular plastic blends on the market, the Z line is the most durable and highest performance plastics. A lot of pros who throw Discraft bag this plastic type because it is long-lasting has consistent flight patterns and has very few downsides overall.

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