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Glo Z Scorch - Scott Withers Signature

Glo Z Scorch - Scott Withers Signature

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11/6/-2/2   *Scott Withers signature Glo Z Scorch!  Staff Favorite! Great feel, not the greatest glow.        

The Scorch is an understable distance driver. This is like a longer Avenger SS. Making it a great distance driver that will have some turn and a decent amount of fade providing a consistent "S" curve flight path.

Scott on his Signature Scorch: "These Scorches have a nice dome shape  consistent with other stock Z Scorches to provide maximum glide and distance but the difference for these is what the Glo plastic brings brings! They have an amazing grippy feel that should assure your grip in any conditions you'll face on the course. I chose the Scorch to add to my line up for low power shots I want to still achieve distance on, while maintaining control. I've also been using these as a long distance roller disc and they go far! I hope you consider checking one out and supporting me on my 2022 tour!"

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