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Ethos Praxis "Glitch Shark" - First Run

Ethos Praxis "Glitch Shark" - First Run

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3/3/0/1    *Beautiful Imported Foils of the Ethos "Digital Shark" Praxis!     

This is what TSA says about the Praxis: "The Praxis is an excellent throwing putter that is well suited for approach shots as well as for drives off the tee. It can be comfortably thrown backhand or as a forehand approach option. It has great glide and high-end performance for pinpoint placement anywhere on the course."

Behind the "Glitch Shark" design

Back to the Future was a staple in our household growing up. Saturday evening Pizza Parties and B2TF Marathons. Marty McFly thought the shark looked fake so we gave good ol' Jaws 19 a facelift. Boats? Where we are going we don't need boats...

Ethos - This premium plastic is generally translucent and a little stiffer then the other Mint premium plastics. It has good durability and seasons slowly over time. It is comparable to MVP Proton plastic.

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