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Birdie Disc Golf

Swirly Strike SE - First Run - Jory's Fly Dyes

Swirly Strike SE - First Run - Jory's Fly Dyes

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7/5/0/2   *174g  Swirly Pink Blue / Money Holo Foil!  Beautiful Jory's Fly Dyes creation on this first run Strike by Birdie Disc Golf!  Customer Favorite.           

Birdie debut fairway driver is the definition of an essential mold.

Excelling at flip-up forehands and power backhands, The Strike is a must bag for all skill levels.

Lower arm speed players will find this disc useful inside of 300 feet for shots with a reliable finish while bigger arms will reach for The Strike inside of 400 feet for consistent laser beam shots.

The Special Edition Premium Swirly plastic has fantastic grip with just the right amount of flex while remaining visually pleasing with endless swirl combinations! 

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