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Infinite Discs

Swirly S-Blend Pharaoh X-Out

Swirly S-Blend Pharaoh X-Out

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13/6/-1/2  *Various X-Out Stamps, no noticable defects on these X-Outs.   

Infinite S-Blend is the equivelent of Innova Star plastic. This is a premium blend that provides excellent grip, a smooth release, and high durability. The Swirly S-Blend has decoractive, multi-colored swirls for added visual appeal. 

The Pharaoh is the quintessential distance driver, built for a high speed release and maximum distance. The fade is not overpowering, making this a distance driver that will work wonders even for intermediate players. Throw the Pharaoh off the tee when you need to cover as much territory as possible.

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