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Swirly S-Blend Czar - Marauder Stamp

Swirly S-Blend Czar - Marauder Stamp

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11/5/-1/3  *Innova Made.  Described as a slightly stable Wraith.   *Rare Marauder Stamp     

The Czar brings is an overstable speed-11 driver that could be described as a slower-speed Emperor, providing more control for intermediate and advanced players! 

The Czar is torque resistant and can be thrown with confidence. Think of it as a more overstable Wraith.

According to Kesler Martin - Team Infinite - 

My main distance driver is the Innova Wraith and while this driver may fly similar to it, the feel is quite different. In the hand, it is comfortable even though the rim is more blunt like a Slab. The Swirly S-Blend plastic is slightly flexible and has a great grip. 

What surprised me about the Czar was the last half of it's flight. My Wraiths will fade out by slowly gliding out to the left(RHBH). The Czar had a nearly identical flight but when it faded, its fades hard. It likes to crash to the ground quicker. What I like is that it seemed nearly guaranteed to fade out when my Wraiths would not. 

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