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Star Destroyer - Full Color InnVision Limited Design

Star Destroyer - Full Color InnVision Limited Design

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12/5/-1/3  Limited Release of full color designed Star Destroyers!        *ALL DISCS ARE 173-5g unless noted.       

“The Destroyer has always been the standard when it comes to distance drivers. It has the perfect complement of rim size and controlled distance,” says Ricky Wysocki. The Destroyer is a great disc for sidearm throwers and those with lots of power. “In the past, I’ve had separate sidearm and backhand distance drivers. The Destroyer is so versatile, it’s one of the few discs I throw for both sidearm and backhand shots."

The Star Destroyer is a pillar to the Innova distance driver lineup and is used by almost every touring pro. This disc is not good for beginners but has a wide range of applications for advanced players. 

When thrown straight, the Destroyer will provide a long, predictable flight with a hard-fading finish. When thrown on anhyzer you can easily get a crushing s-shaped 350+ foot flight.

If you have the arm speed to throw a 12-speed overstable driver then a Destroyer is a must-have addition to your bag.

InnVision is the highest definition, full-color art that Innova has ever achieved without compromising the feel of the disc. The InnVision UV-protected ink will protect the disc image from fading over time. These InnVision prints are on Star material, and will feel the same as regular star plastic, but with amazing full-color prints.

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