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Galactic XT Roc3 - Space Force By Marm O Set

Galactic XT Roc3 - Space Force By Marm O Set

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5/4/0/3   *Some storage/stamp wear possible due to plastic type.     

Get a good look at our Galactic Innova Roc3 Space Force edition. What does it remind you of? If you’re thinking, ‘That looks like a Roc bird head’, then you’re right on the money!

***A Marm O. Set 2-Color design

How this batch of Galactic Innova Roc3 feels: Flat to very flat. Grip for days. Alluring color blends and striations.

More about the design: Just like the versatile Roc3 disc, which can be thrown for any situation, the Roc creature can be turned into anything, even an aluminum clad spacecraft flying through galaxies to save your bacon. That’s what artist Marm O. Set thought when it came time to drawing a new representation of the Roc bird. Instead of another feathered version of the bird, he took the route less traveled, which in this case was space. Here’s a nice golden nugget for you: Notice the two cockpit windows / Roc eyes? Marm O. Set said he was inspired by the Millennium Falcon’s famous cockpit for those. However, in our bird,  the hyperdrive always works.

More about the Innova XT Roc3 disc: Get ready to use the Roc3 for more shots. The XT edition of the Roc3 starts out less overstable than its Champion and Star versions, which means straighter, longer flights. But it still has a reliable fade at flight’s end.

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