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Rubber Blend Zone - Limited Edition 2023 Ledgestone

Rubber Blend Zone - Limited Edition 2023 Ledgestone

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4/3/0/3      *Amazing grip to this run of Rubber Blend Zones!  We are big fans of this artwork as well... hopefully they licensed it :) Storage wear possible with this plastic type.          

Rubber Blend Zone - The Zone is Discraft’s most popular approach disc. Good for both forehands and backhands, this extremely overstable mold can handle significant torque and always provides a reliable finish to its flight, no matter the angle. 

In the Rubber Blend plastic, this run of Zone is softer and grippier than the standard premium plastic. The softness allows for added flexibility and gumminess, which lends itself useful for minimizing skips on the green. It will also beat in relatively quickly, altering the flight characteristics to become a more neutral-flying version of the Zone.

The Discraft Zone is a slim putter with a thick rim (1.2cm) that gives you something to hold on to. This is a very overstable putter that is good for headwinds, strategic fades, forehand throws, flick putts, and slamming into chains at just the right angle. Many Discraft enthusiasts will have a Zone in their bag as a putter that gets them out of a situation where a Flick, or sidearm putt is their only option. Being so overstable, this disc can handle the torque that a Flick will put on it!

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