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Swirly S-Line CD2 - Roaming Thunder Dana Vicich Sig Series OOP

Swirly S-Line CD2 - Roaming Thunder Dana Vicich Sig Series OOP

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9/5/-1/2   *All 175g - Minor storage wear possible due to chalky plastic type. Lavender one has small black speck in plastic near bottom.  An instant classic and workhorse of most disc golfer's bag - the RT is a staff and customer favorite!  Amazing artwork from the talented Manny Trujillo as well!   

Team Discmania's Dana Vicich's very first Signature Series model is a true Discmaniac favourite - the Swirly S-line CD2! These beauties come in limited numbers, so make sure to grab your stack before they are gone!

The CD2 is a disc for those hungry for control. It doesn’t get too flashy with a lot of turn and fade like many distance drivers out there, but on the contrary it can hold a line and still bring you the distance needed to cover most fairways. The CD2 is actually a pretty close relative not only to the CD, but also to the praised speed 10 Power Driver, the PD. Out of the box you will see the CD2 perform a lot like a seasoned PD, providing you with enough stability to conquer most headwinds and a reliable low speed fade that takes you underneath the basket.

For the less powerful players the CD2 can easily work as the most overstable driver in the bag, while the majority of players can trust the CD2 as their main driver in a wide range of situations.


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