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R-Pro Dart

R-Pro Dart

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3/4/0/0  *A Favorite of Nate Sexton!       

The Dart is the spiritual successor to the Innova Aero and the actual successor to the Goblin. The Dart was designed to be a straight flying glidey putter for long runs at the basket. Although, it was also marketed as a great disc for beginners due to its neutral flight. Whenever you see 0 0, be cautious. The stability of a Dart is more like -1 2, but it is still really straight.

Innova actually invented a new kind of R-Pro for the Dart, as it allowed for softer landings on long runs. The Dart has always had a following at every level of the sport. Pros like Nate Sexton and Christian Dietrich bag a Dart. Nate Sexton even made it one of his tour series discs.

Thanks to Nate Sexton, the Dart has become fairly popular among those who follow the pro tour. Valuable runs of the Dart include metal flake Darts and Sexton Darts.

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