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Swirly R-Pro Glow Pig - 2020 Ricky Tour Series

Swirly R-Pro Glow Pig - 2020 Ricky Tour Series

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3/1/0/3  *175g Swirly Peach Neon Orange Swirls / Gold Holo foil.  Rare to see swirls in these Tank Pigs like this.  Staff Favorite!  The greatest run of Pig's in our opinion.  Regular R-Pro storage wear possible, new never thrown.      

Never to be made again are the Ricky Pigs and the 2020 run is flat, beefy and a phenomenal run    

This overstable putter has a big thick Thumtrac Rim. The Pig is a slow overstable disc that hardly glides. It's great for hyzer putts and throwing into headwinds. The Innova Pig is available in the soft grippy R-Pro plastic.

The 2020 Ricky Wysocki Pig is the best version yet! These are perfectly flat, just firm enough, and have the grippy tack you’d expect from the Stiff Pro material used on the Tour Series Pig. Whether it’s forehand flicks or backhand throws these Pigs know how to fly!

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