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Nebula Ethereal Coalesce First Run - Thomas Gilbert Signature

Nebula Ethereal Coalesce First Run - Thomas Gilbert Signature

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9/5/0/3  *New Mold by TSA!  Triple Foil Stamp by Thought Space Athletics.  Some imported foils mixed in - only available outside of US.            

Introducing the Coalesce by Thought Space Athletics - a versatile fairway driver that can be used for various situations. The Coalesce is designed to fly straight without turning over and finish with a reliable fade. It offers enough stability to withstand headwinds and is suitable for disc golfers of all levels.

Ethereal Nebula plastic a premium blend that combines performance with a stunning metallic sheen. The Nebula effect adds decorative swirls and bursty patterns for a unique look. It has a good grip and is as durable as it is beautiful. 

The Signature edition is released in support of professional disc golfers with a portion of the sale price going directly to the player. 

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