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Metal Flake C-Blend Glow Maya - RADioactive Man Edition

Metal Flake C-Blend Glow Maya - RADioactive Man Edition

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11/5/-3/1 *All 173-5g - Staff Favorite!  Flippy but in MF glow plastic its the perfect balance.  Innova Made.   

My eyes! The goggles do nothing!

The Maya is an understable distance bomber! Beginner to Intermediate players will find the Maya to be an awesome straight flying distance driver, while advanced to open players will utilize the Maya for massive understable distance shots.

This is a glow-in-the-dark version of C-Blend plastic, which is the equivalent of Innova's Champion plastic. It is often a transparent, ultra durable plastic that provides outstanding performance and long life. The Glow C-Blend can be either colored or traditional "white" glow. 

Metal Flake C-Blend is the same durability and make up as C-Blend Plastic (comparable to Innova Champion), but Metal Flake has sparkle flakes inside the plastic. This makes the plastic not only durable and long-lasting, but also adds more cosmetic appeal with extra sparkle. Some players feel like Metal Flake adds just a touch more stability to the disc.

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